SS2 Student enthroned to rule Ondo community

The Okeluse town in Ose Local Government area of Ondo state has revealed its new King.

He is His Royal Highness, Oba Adeyeoba Oloyede Adekoya, Akinghare II, the OJIMA Arujale of Okeluse kingdom.

Report reaching JATS Communications says the new King is a 16-year old Senior Secondary School 2 student.

The information says, “it finally came to an end yesterday to install a new king in the ancient kingdom of Okeluse.

“Other culture are still in place till the coronation. Everything was done accordingly, a shower of blessings came from above throughout the installation.

The latest and youngest ever king in Ondo state is expected to be given a Staff of Office by the Governor immediately the traditional rites are completed.

According to a source from the community, the young king is the only son of the late Monarch, and that if the installation should be delayed till he is of age, manipulation could set in.

According to him, the tradition of the community entails that if a King is dead, his younger brother would act as a Regent while the heir to the throne will be sent to an exile for 90days to undergo traditional rites.

He however noted that the leaders of the community took precautions to avoid the unwanted and made the first daughter of the late king a Regent, which is first time such would happen in the history of the town,  while the heir was in exile.

His words: ” When an Okeluse Oba joins his ancestors, his immediate younger brother becomes the Eleki or a regent, who acts as a regent till the Oba “elect” returns from seclusion. 

“But our late monarch has only one son. The family thought it would be dangerous to have a man among the brothers of the late Oba as a regent because he may not want to relinquish power in the future.

“The new regent or Eleki is Princess Aderonke Adeyeoba, the late king’s first daughter. So far, the transition has been very peaceful and smooth. 

“In Okeluse, the Obaship title is from Father to son. It is the Oba’s family who exclusively handles the installation of a new Oba in Okeluse.

“The young son will go back to school and by the grace of God to the university so that the institution will not tie him down”.

The new King who came out of 90 days seclusion, traditionally known as Mama Mebo’s house would be given a Staff of Office as soon as other coronation rites are completed.

 The days in exile were said to have been used to perform the burial rites of the departed King.

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