When Honourable’s ritual meat escaped

I was rubbing mind with a colleague sometime in January 2019, that the upsurge in pants stealing in Nigeria society may be linked to the general election. Ask me why. Come to think of it, we are aware of the Yahoo boys ritualists for long, and how they use their girlfriends for money ritual, which transformed the act to Yahoo plus.

The sudden outcry about pants and underwear stealing, towards the end of the 2018 to this time, after a long rumination, points to the fact that election was closer, and it might not have any connection with the so-called Yahoo plus guys.

My conclusion then, was, let’s study the atmosphere after the election if the act will still persist. Meanwhile, I got convinced, after I heard this scary experience of a kidnapped Nigerian on February 9th 2019, that some desperate Nigerian politicians are really involved in human being sacrifice in order to attain power.

“Honourable e ma binu o, Honourable e ma binu o”, hollered the gateman who supposed to guide the compound where three kidnapped men from Obalende Lagos were kept, but which one escaped.

This victim,(names not mentioned in the letter), boarded one of the commercial buses in Obalende Lagos going back home from work. He met two other passengers in the bus. The two men started complaining of perceiving a gas substance, but he didn’t perceive it on time.

Minutes later, the two men started feeling weaker and weaker. He too felt same,but not as serious as the other men. He was though subconscious. By the time, they regained consciousness, they were already somewhere in Ijebu land, in Ogun state Nigeria, with legs and hands tied with prisoner’s chains. The first man to be butchered, introduced himself to the kidnappers cum ritualists as a Medical Doctor, with the name John.

He tried to bargain with them for blood exchange. He appealed to them that he can get them as much blood as possible from his hospital, just to save his life. But they replied him that the kind of blood they want is “the blood gushing out of the head of a fresh human being, who must be going through pain”. Upon telling him, he was forced to drink a substance. After that, beheaded, and a bucket was used to drain the blood. What a painful death! He was killed at exactly midnight.

The second victim, said to introduce himself as Quadri. Upon seeing the dreadry manner in which the first person was killed, started chanting Quranic verses. He was killed the same way by noon of the next day.

The third victim, was however told that it is his turn by midnight. He too started praying. He was lucky that only his leg was chained, his hands were just tied with a rope. Towards evening, the kidnappers started leaving the premises one after the other, though after they stole the money in his bag. This victim managed to remove the rope, pick a small knife p inside the bag and unchained his legs. On getting to the gate, the guard was far asleep and he used the gate to slam the man to a state of unconsciousness.

The Guard struggled with his life, and started calling on others for help. It was however, disheartening that, after they search for the victim, who already hid in a nearby bush, what he heard the Guard hollering was, “Honourable e ma binu”, meaning Honourable please don’t be annoyed. One Nigerian politician just killed innocent citizens for ritual purpose.

This was a testimony of a member of Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries, which the General Overseer read to the whole world during the February Manna Water service programme at the church headquarters, Lagos.

This letter led to sympathic aggressive prayers against the evil doers.

Many people have fallen victims of act like this, all in the name of the desire of some selfish people to a political position by force. How are we convinced that some desperately wicked politicians are no behind the pants stealing saga? Let’s be on the lookout. Presidential and National Assembly election is already here. We shall see if this act will stop after the election.

How do we expect leaders that shed innocent bloods to deliver or have the interest of the masses in heart after winning the race? Little wonder the country is crawling to develop.

Published by Wonderlady

Journalist, Educationist, Writer, Human Rights Advocate

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