APC lawmaker caught bathing in market in Osun State

An APC lawmaker identified as Hon Timothy Owoeye, was reportedly caught bathing in a market in Osun State , a ritual ahead of the election scheduled to take place in the state soon.

The lawmaker who is the Majority leader and also represents Ilesa West State Constituency in the State’s House of Assembly, was spotted begging residents of the area after he was caught red-handed in the fetish act at the market.

An eyewitness told reporter that pool of human blood was found in the car of the lawmaker popularly known as “Timo” and he begged the guards to pardon him and protect him from embarrassment.

He was beaten to a pulp but was released due to the intervention of Kabiyesi, Olosunjela of Osunjela in the night.

This video shows how Timo caught naked bathing with human blood of the person he killed for the sacrifice.

By Wonderlady

Journalist, Educationist, Writer, Human Rights Advocate

2 replies on “APC lawmaker caught bathing in market in Osun State”

Hon Timothy Owoeye was a victim of 419.
“Even God has respect for nakedness”.

Authoritatively,the story or scandal was an incident of almost four months old.!!!

Aside from being a legislator and a respected senior member of the House of Assembly of the State of Osun, Hon Timothy Owoeye is a business man and a man known to be very articulate and responsible per excellence. He became a victim of fraudsters otherwise known as 419 about four months ago. The said pictures/video were taken about four months ago when he was reported to have been forcibly dragged to a spot, naked and made to part with substantial amount of money, he was said to be lucky to be alive and the case was eventually reported to the police. Arrests were made and investigated and this even led to some elements been remanded up till this moment. Meanwhile as politics gather momentum, some stupid elements namely the opponent who were privy to the incident began to blackmail him to part with more money. He was receiving strange calls and texts saying they were in possession of his unclad photos/video and that he should pay them N50m. His failure to budge further made these set of devil’s advocate to go public with the video with satanic coloration to taint Apc as a party.This has nothing to do with Osun state governor, Apc governorship candidate Alh Gboyega Oyetola and nothing whatsoever connected to the fast approaching election.
It is therefore very unfortunate that some clever enemies and corrupt minded oppositions are sadistically twisting the fraudulent/ blackmailing story and linking same to innocent set of people in their desperate attempt to pull them down .

Let’s fear God in whatever we do.What then can be worst than this that attracts the wrath of our Creator to the perpetrators?.

Politics.., people will do anything to drag a person down…What a bad game!

Further details later….

Credit : Hon. Makinde


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