Opinion: When will the mindless killings stop? by Barr. Olugbenga Olufemi

Nigeria is a country of mind blowing contradictions and ridiculous irrationality where the theft of cows is used as a justification for massive killings of human beings, where the Nigerian Custom is effectively deploying drones at the borders, to counter, detect and apprehend rice smugglers, but Nigerian Police, and the Armed Forces are unable to deploy same technology to detect cattle rustling and herdsmen attacks and invasions; where herdsmen can invade and unleash mayhem on communities for over seven hours and security agencies are no where to be found,…..

Where security agencies could not apprehend herdsmen who invade a village in Adamawa to unleash carnage on the villagers, but are quick to apprehend aggrieved youths from this community who attempted retaliatory arson on a Fulani settlement close by.

Where persons who defend themselves against herdsmen attack are charged and convicted for murder, but no single herdsmen has so far been held accountable for the sea of blood flowing all over the nation.

Where the carnage being unleashed on the nation by herdsmen is blamed on Political opponents of Mr President, when he is actually in control of the Security agencies in Nigeria whose headship he had effectively handed over to his kinsmen.
Where ordinary Nigerians don’t have access to the National Assembly premises without security checks, but cows can easily roam about the premises of the House of Representatives unfettered to graze,….. From Miyetti Allah’s position and the tacit complicity, inactions or too late responses of security agencies, one thing seem to be certain that “the lives of Nigerians is less valuable to than that of cows.

Maybe the cows in Nigeria be enumerated and added to the Nations Population, after all, they enjoy more privileges than ordinary Nigerians.

Until the Security agencies in Nigeria play neutral to treat everyone equally, and apprehend criminals on all sides (whether cattle rustlers or marauding herdsmen) , to face the full wrought of the law, the mindless carnage threatening the foundation of the existence of this Nation may never cease, because incentive and motivation for these crimes will always be available when there is no consequence and punishment for criminality.

Maybe it is also high time for Mr President to tinker with the configuration of the headship of the security and intelligent agencies in Nigeria, which is currently in the hands of his kinsmen whose tribesmen are being accused of unleashing carnage and terror on the Nation, to avoid a situation of conflict of interest between clannish loyalty and loyalty to the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria ” Treat everyone equally, then the mindless killings will stop.