Don canvasses re-introduction of Reading Clubs

To revive reading culture which has been identified as one of the fundamentals that make a nation grow and compete favourably with other nations in the world, there is a need for reading club to be revived and sustained in schools.
Also parents and guardians must be ready to provide fiction books as a gift to their children and regularly monitor their reading habits.
Dr. Samuel Ogunniyi from Adeyemi College of Education Ondo said this during the Readership Promotion Campaign Programme organised by the National Library of Nigeria, Ondo State Branch in his lecture entitled “Lifelong Reading and its Sustainability in Nigeria”.
The guest speaker added that Private sectors and philanthropic organisations should sponsor publication of relevant books for reading in schools, sponsorship of prizes and scholarship for best students in reading across the states of the federation.
His words : “School visit to primary and secondary schools by public libraries in Nigeria should be revived in encouraging pupils/students to read.
“Teachers should visit and make use of the library regularly; this will encourage the students to make use of the library to read and borrow information resources.
” Developed nations in the world take reading as part and parcel of life in order to develop. A nation or society that neglects reading most especially among the children is bond to witness crisis and under-development.
“Reading that starts from childhood till death brings positive change into that nation. Lifelong reading must be built before it could be sustained. Lifelong reading means, cultivation of an attitude of reading from birth to grave”, he said.
He noted that possession of a good reading culture is the key to a lifelong learning and empowerment.
In the process of seeking for development in every area of life in a nation, Ogunniyi said that no nation can dream of meaningful development if her citizens cannot read, adding that an educated citizenry can easily be mobilized for political, social, economic and technological development.
According to him, Nigeria cannot afford to lag behind in the era of technological development which depends on literacy, hence the need for all hands to be on deck to tackle challenges inhibiting reading culture in our society.
Highlighting positive changes that accompany lifelong reading, the guest lecturer noted that, reading in all its variety is vital to being better informed, makes man to be a thoughtful and constructive contributor to a democratic and cohesive society.
The chairman of the occasion, Mr Emmanuel Awoleye, Publisher of BOSEM books, described reading as an essential habit that forms the bedrock of greatness in everyone.
He attributed lack of conducive learning environment, poor teaching methodology and lack of commitment from some teachers and parents as some of the factors aiding poor reading culture in Nigeria.
At the event, the Alaani of Idoani, Oba Gen. Olufemi Olutoye(rtd) was given an Award of excellence as a best Library User in Ondo state ,while the BOSEM publisher also received an award for his contribution to library.

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